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Welcome on my personal homepage. I built this website to share my knowledge with the world and in the mean time try to learn from others :).

You're always welcome to leave a note in my guestbook.

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New Track: Purple Clouds 01-04-2011 23:56
Hey all!
I've been pretty busy the past days in my studio and a few days ago, I finally finished a new track: Purple Clouds. This one is brought to you on my new alias -> Thermal Square. You'll find this one on the music page.
Old music finally back online! :-D 26-02-2011 20:01
Almost a year after the first announcement, but finally you can play my tracks. Just navigate to my music page and enjoy!
More music soon? and music download back up! 25-03-2010 23:21
In the near future I'm planning on starting again with making some more music.
Also the music downloads will be back up than. ;-)
For now, there are no big plans in making some new VST-plugins. But as soon as I've got more time, chances are that I will pick it up again. In the mean time, don't hesitate to download Digireactor.
Grtz, Jasper.
Website update 16-06-2009 23:21
I recently finished rewriting my website. It now uses a lot of AJAX technology (for example for page navigation, guestbook and contact form). As a matter of fact javascript must be enabled to navigate my site. Grtz, Jasper
Happy 2009! 26-12-2008 01:00
A merry X-Mass and a happy 2009 to all visitors! I hope that 2009 will be a year that brings a lot of fun and creativity to everybody :) Greatz, Jasper
DigiReactor free VST 02-10-2008 00:20
Started somewhere in 2007, a few months ago I finished a software synth (built using SynthEdit) called DigiReactor. Since a few months, you can download it as VSTi on my Software page. You can find an audio-demo too, so that you know what you can expect.
New website 10-05-2008 21:14
Because of my current education, Bachelor in Applied Computer Science, I'm mainly interested in programming and webdesign. So the main content of my site will consist of information about these topics. Because in my opinion it is a continuous learning process I believe that I can learn much just by listening to opinions and knowledge of others, so feel free to send me feedback at any time. I'm also busy writing vst-instuments using the excellent modular-based tool synthedit.
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